How it Works

The Milieu Therapeutic Services uses the latest video conferencing technology to provide you with caring compassionate care in the comfort of your own environment.

Your journey starts with a 30 minute screening appointment.  This meeting gives us an idea of what brings you to therapy and if we are a good fit for each other.  Some information will be collected, and we can go over any other questions you may have and set an appointment to get started.

Sessions are conducted using secure video conferencing software.

You may want to consider finding a safe quiet area in order to attend your sessions so that you are free from distractions.  We also recommend using ear phones or a Bluetooth headset if possible.  You can find ideas in our online store.  Prior to your appointment, you’ll be sent a link to the room.

Studies have found that individuals that see clinicians via online versus in a traditional office, overall find no difference in the care they receive.  In fact, some articles suggest that its a better method of conducting care presumably because clients feel more open to discuss issues that may be uncomfortable in a traditional setting.  It also improves the ease of access to care.

Wikipedia has an interesting article about the history of Telehealth.  Another perspective is the history of crisis hotlines and how we have used that to make the transition to present day