Assessments and Evaluations

Psychometric Testing

Our licensed staff has the knowledge and experience necessary to conduct and/or interpret needed testing for adults and adolescents .

Service Animal Evaluations

If you or a loved one feels that you are in need of a service animal, or needs a letter in order to legitimize your already present support animal, please visit THIS WEBSITE that we are affiliated with.

Pre-Surgical Bariatric Assessments

Our staff has both personal and professional experience with providing assessments to individuals considering weight loss surgery.  We can do both the in person and standard testing remotely, keeping costs low for your organization which you can then pass on to your patients.

Crisis Assessments and Referrals

Our qualified team of clinicians have the knowledge and experience to quickly assess your patients that may be in crisis and make an appropriate referral.  We can also provide short term intervention for clients that are deemed to not be in imminent danger to themselves or others.

To refer clients for any of the services above, please use the form below and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible.