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My approach to counseling is that each individual has the potential within them to accomplish anything.  My job is to help you realize that potential and to make peace with the issues that you face.  Notice I never said anything about “getting over” what you have going on, because I believe that there are some things that make that impossible.  But, I believe that if you are willing to work with me to achieve your goals, you can achieve the recovery you truly want

My journey to the present day has been unconventional to say the least.  I’ve worked in the mental health field since graduating with my Master’s Degree in 2007.  I’ve worked with many different populations in many different settings.  Most recently I have been working with clients who desired to end their lives, or who were too sick to go about their daily lives.  I’ve also supervised others, taught at a college level, and made presentations to other professionals.  In the real world, I’ve worked in law enforcement, the medical field, customer service, and I’ve owned my own business.  I believe this varied experience allows me to approach care from a more emphatic and take a more common sense approach to treatment.

I invite you to take a step toward something difficult and do something that is good for you.  You always have the opportunity to go back to the way things were;  that isn’t challenging in the least.

–Willard Vaughn, MA, LPC, CPSC


Mr Willard Vaughn helped me a lot! I had a deep depression and wanted to end my life to stop suffering. He made me understand what and who made me feel like this. Now I know in which direction I need to move. Now I have a hope. Now I started to think about myself…


I found him to be very relatable. He was easy to talk to and very down-to-earth


He has been right on with everything I talk about. I can send a long paragraph and he gets right to the point and understands me very well. And it’s so convenient to be able to talk this way instead of taking off work for an appointment. I would highly recommend him for counseling.


Willard has been amazing. He understood me completely and provided me with the right tools to work on the things I needed to work on. It has been a pleasure working with him. And I feel like things will get better from now on. Thank you!


He is very easy-going but also analytical and straightforward. Helped me to gain many different perspectives for daily problems. He is flexible with rescheduling appointments and responding fast to text messages. Thanks to him that he definitely brought me to a point where I can lead to better understanding of real life situations.


Willard is a great listener, asks good questions, is very respectful, and offers good advice. I can tell he takes his job seriously and he really wants to see improvement in his patients. He also has a good sense of humor.


He helped me to figure out dealing with day to day life in an abusive family which has helped me greatly. I was lucky to have a therapist as easy to talk to as Willard.