We Bring the Therapy couch to You

Our goal is to bring therapy to those that need it. No matter where you are, we think that you should be able to speak with someone and get the help you need.

EffectiveStudies have found online therapy to be as effective, or even MORE effective than traditional therapy
ConvenientNo having to find the time to go to an office or set up an
appointment during business hours.
AffordableWith or without insurance, we have a solution to get you the help
you need

What Our Clients Say

He is very easy-going but also analytical and straightforward. Helped me to gain many different perspectives for daily problems. He is flexible with rescheduling appointments and responding fast to text messages. Thanks to him that he definitely brought me to a point where I can lead to better understanding of real life situations.


You have given me great insight and knowledge to carry forth not only in the weeks to come but for the rest of my life.


Services available to Residents of Virginia, Indiana, Colorado.