milieu defined

You may often feel alone, or that no one listens or bothers to understand. You may feel stuck where you are.Perhaps there are things that you hide that make you feel fake.

Counseling is a journey. Sometimes the road is rough, and you need someone to walk with you.

The Milieu Therapeutic Services is there for you where you are; in your own setting.  We specialize in private online counseling that serves people like you who are busy, or who need help outside of “business” hours.

We take pride in providing the most compassionate and rewarding experience possible. 

Mr Willard Vaughn helped me a lot! I had a deep depression and wanted to end my life to stop suffering. He made me understand what and who made me feel like this. Now I know in which direction I need to move. Now I have a hope. Now I started to think about myself more than I think about other people. Thank you very much! I will try my best to become a person that I want to be. May God bless you!


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